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The Power of BlockChain For the Agro Industry, as Presented by AgroExchange

Agrocoins, much like the well-known Bitcoins, are credits that can be used on a P2P platform, allowing people and companies to directly credit each other without the use of an intermediary. Specifically, Agrocoins are meant for agricultural crops and food trading. With Agrocoins, you can buy services or memberships on their platform, and partake in company profit. The cryptocurrency is available immediately and can be instantly withdrawn to your designated address. Similar to ethereum, AgroExchange acts as a guarantor of transfers of cryptocurrency with the help of blockchain technology.


The AgroExchange Platform, or the AgroDex, is an app that works 24/7, allowing you to buy and sell agriculture and agricultural products for Agrocoin, and to receive a commission for confirmed transactions. The app also allows third parties and farmers to tokenize their business and decide for themselves how to do so. The AgroDex provides news, support, a wallet, allows users to partake in staking, lending, depositing or transferring currency, as well as keeping track of their transactions. It’s truly an all-inclusive app, for all things agriculture.


Never before has there been a cryptocurrency and app dedicated specifically to transactions for goods in the agricultural sector. AgroExchange aims to bring agriculture into the future by using “blockchain and IoT to make the agriculture market smart”. As they say, “farming is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Let’s improve this lifestyle by embracing technology”. They have done just that, with the production of their innovative Agrocoin cryptocurrency system and their AgroDex.




AgroExchange saw a problem, with farmers’ and large agricultural producers’ being unable to easily transfer funds and goods. They fixed this problem by creating the revolutionary cryptocurrency, Agrocoins, which make transactions safer and more reliable in the agricultural sector, thanks to blockchain technology as well as their expansive platform, the AgroDex.


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